Intercultural German Studies rests on four pillars:

  • the description and analysis of the German language and its varieties
  • the cultures, societies and literatures of the German-speaking world
  • intercultural experiences and exchange between the German-speaking world and Kenya as well as other global partners
  • Communication and research skills that are of scholarly and professional relevance.

The four components reflect developments that studies in language, communication, culture and literature have undergone internationally in the last decades, with regard to theoretical issues, research concepts and the structure and methods of university teaching. In the Department of Linguistics and Languages, this means an orientation towards interdisciplinary collaboration, especially with those disciplines that deal with issues of communication, culture and their realization in different societies.

Members of Thematic Area

Dr. James Orao

Dr. Orao

Dr. Catherine Agoya

Dr Agoya

Dr. Alice Wachira

Dr Wachira

The following form the core units of this thematic area:

CLD 103    Intercultural Studies 1: Introduction to the German-Speaking Countries

CLD 304    Intercultural Studies 2: Intercultural Communication

CLD 307    Intercultural Studies 3: Multilingualism

CLD 310    Intercultural Studies 4: Cultures and Subcultures

CLD 402    Intercultural Studies 5: Principles and Strategies of International Relations



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Gandhi Wing 539

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