Needy students who qualify for bursaries, work study programme, scholarship are encouraged to get in touch with the Dean of Students’ office.


Applying for aid at UoN

Students are required to write application letters detailing their family backgrounds and financial status. 

The application letters are then vetted for due processing.

Complete applications are then issued with serial numbers and the same communicated to the students through the e-mail.

Two letters are then dispatched to their referees (local assistant chief/chief and religious person) seeking confirmation of the applicant’s family background.  The applications and the reference letters are then filed.

Students are also required to fill the forms below (depending on their needs):

University of Nairobi of the Dean of Students Needy Student Application Form.

University of Nairobi Work Study Application.


Forms of financial assistance

  1. Bursaries

Once favorable reference letters are received, a student is allocated a bursary according to the following;

  • A student with both parents peasants/low cadre employee - Kshs. 4,000
  • One with a single mother - Kshs. 6,000
  • An orphan- Kshs. 8,000
  1. Work Study Program

Those students who prefer to enroll in the go to Work Study Programme instead of getting a bursary are recommended to the departments where there are vacant positions.

  1. Scholarships

Once donors confirm their willingness to sponsor students, scholarships are advertised.  And in this case, the main criterion is good academic performance besides being needy and fully registered in the office. Moreover, applications are initially assessed by the office before being forwarded to the prospective donor for the final decision.

d. Special Cases

In some instances, students face acute financial problems due to theft of their personal effects or calamities befalling their families. Such students are awarded special grants depending on the prevailing circumstances.


For more information contact:

The Dean of Students office

Physical Location:  Main Campus Gandhi wing Ground Floor

Telephone: +254 20 4918119

Email: ,

Address: P.O Box 30197 – 00100 Nairobi



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