The PhD program in Linguistics allows a high degree of flexibility and specialization, and is designed to encourage students to advance quickly to producing original research. Students may explore a wide range of topics related to multiple theoretical perspectives and the very latest developments in linguistics and language acquisition research in recent years such as formalist, functionalist, and emergentist models of language; generative, psycholinguistic, cognitive, functional, sociocultural, sociolinguistic and educational perspectives of language acquisition and teaching.


The doctoral program in Linguistics is designed for students who wish to undertake research in applied and theoretical linguistics in the areas of morpho-syntax, semantics and pragmatics, phonetics and phonology, first and second language acquisition, bilingualism, bi(dia) localism, multilingualism, sociolinguistics, teaching, and education.


  • Foundational knowledge and skills in linguistics
  • Content knowledge in applied linguistics
  • Research skills
  • Professional skills
  • Professional engagement and collaborative ethos

Schedule of Intakes

The Department admits new students at the beginning of every academic calendar year (which is usually September)

Application Information

You will be required to enter some basic information, including your email address and to choose a password. We will then send you an email to the address you entered, so that we can validate your account. When you have clicked on the validation link (sent to you in the email), you will be able to log in to the application system using the "Login" box below

For instructions on how to apply click here

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Mode of Delivery

  • Face-to-Face Mode

This is through lectures and tutorials using notes, electronic presentations, instruction manuals, group discussions, practical laboratory demonstrations and fieldwork.

  • Open, Distance Learning and e-Learning

In case of delivery through ODeL, special arrangements shall be made for the practical laboratory, field work and computing sessions. Where not feasible alternative arrangements will be made to do them on campus. 

  • Blended Learning

This is a hybrid of face to face with Open, Distance Learning and e-learning.

Contact of Support Persons

Email: dept-linguistics@uonbi.ac.ke  


Website: linguistics.uonbi.ac.ke

Physical location: Education Building 3rd Floor, Main Campus

Notable Alumni

Minimum Admission Requirements

Students may be admitted to the PhD program in Linguistics with a prior master’s degree in linguistics or a related field

Attachment Opportunities

Graduates with research expertise in linguistics and applied linguistics work in a variety of professional contexts, such as academia, government, business, health care, legal settings, publishing, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations.

Career examples include:

  • computer-assisted language learning expert
  • data analyst
  • forensic linguist
  • language policy or documentation expert
  • language program director or coordinator
  • language researcher
  • linguistic consultant
  • program and curriculum developer
  • publisher
  • university professor

Career Prospects

  • English as a foreign language teacher
  • Lexicographer
  • Marketing executive
  • Public relations officer
  • Publishing copy-editor/proofreader
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Speech and language therapist
  • Talent agent
  • Teaching assistant
   YEAR 1   YEAR 2   YEAR 3    TOTALS 
Tuition             192,000.00             192,000.00                192,000.00                576,000.00
ICT SERVICES - (PER YEAR)                  7,000.00                  7,000.00                    7,000.00                  21,000.00
THESIS EXAMINATION                               -                                 -                    50,000.00                  50,000.00
REGISTRATION (PER SEMESTER@2250)                  4,500.00                  4,500.00                    4,500.00                  13,500.00
ID CARD ( PER YEAR)                  1,000.00                  1,000.00                    1,000.00                    3,000.00
CAUTION - (ONCE)                  5,000.00                               -                                   -                      5,000.00
MEDICAL FEE (PER YEAR)                  6,500.00                  6,500.00                    6,500.00                  19,500.00
ACTIVITY-( PER YEAR)                  2,000.00                  2,000.00                    2,000.00                    6,000.00
LIBRARY (PER YEAR)                  5,000.00                  5,000.00                    5,000.00                  15,000.00
STUDENT ORGANISATION(PER YEAR)                  1,000.00                  1,000.00                    1,000.00                    3,000.00
EXAMINATION (PER UNIT @1000)                               -                                 -                                   -                                   -  
Grand totals   224,000.00   219,000.00     269,000.00     712,000.00