English Linguistics
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Head Of Thematic Area

Prof. Lucia Omondi


Members Of Thematic Area

1. Dr. Isiaya Mwaniki

2. Mr. Herman Manyora

3. Mr.  J. Ragutu



Research Projects Of Thematic Area


Degree Programmes/ Course Units Linked to Thematic Area

CLL 101:          The Nature & Functions of Language                        

CLL 102:          Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology                     

CLL 201:          Introduction to Morphology                                      

CLL 202:          Introduction to Syntax                                    

CLL 301           Introduction to Semantics                                          

CLL 303:          Introduction to Sociolinguistics                      

CLL 305:          Pragmatics                                                                 

CLL 302:          Traditionalist Linguistics                                            

CLL 306:          Research Methods in Linguistics

CLL 401:          Introduction to Generative Transformational Theory                                               

CLL 403:            Advanced Phonology                                                 

CLL 402:          Advanced Linguistics: The Government & Binding Syntax    

CLL 404:          Lexicography  

Possible Career Opportunities