German Linguistics
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In German linguistics German language is studied from a scientific perspective. Students registered for B.A. German studies or M.A. German Studies take course units in which they are taken through German phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, semantics, sociolinguistics discourse analysis and pragmatics. They also polish their speaking and writing skills in German.


Head Of Thematic Area

Dr. Catherine Agoya


Members Of Thematic Area

1. Dr. J. Orao

2. Dr. Shaban Mayanja

3.  Ms Jacinta Kiranga


Research Projects Of Thematic Area


Degree Programmes/Course Units Linked To Thematic Area

CLD 101 Introduction to German Grammar

CLD 102 German Communication Skills

CLD 104 Introduction to Methods of Literary Criticism

CLD 201 Phonetics, German Phonology and Orthography

CLD 202 Introduction to Applied Linguistics

CLD 301 Introduction to Translation

CLD 305 Varieties of the German Language

CLD 401 Semantics, Pragmatics and the German Language

CLD 405 Theory and Practice of Translation

CLD 408 The History of the German Language


Possible Career Opportunities