Language and Communication
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In Language and Communication, the Department teaches and researches communication from the point of view of language. We teach courses such as Principles of Communication, Communicative Grammar of English, Crisis Communication and Language in Public Relations, Public Speaking, Language in Newspapers, Stylistics, and Language and Gender. By calling the programme Language and Communication, we distinguish it from communication in the broader sense of mass media which deals not only with language but also issues such as television and radio programming, photography and cinematography and editing of videos and films.


Head: Dr Buregeya Alfred


Members Of Thematic Areas

1. Prof. Okoth Okombo

2. Prof. Kithaka wa Mberia

3. Dr. Maloba Wekesa

4. Dr. Lilian Kaviti

5. Dr. Jane Wambui


4. Dr. Mohamed Akidah

5. Mr. Herman Manyora

6. Mr. Maurice Ragutu

7. Dr. Gideon Marete

Research Projects Of Thematic Area


Degree Programmes/Course Units Linked To Thematic Area


Possible Career Opportunities