Studies in African Languages
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Studies in African Languages consists of scientific investigation of the various aspects of Kenyan and other African languages. The areas of investigation include, but are not limited to, historical development of the languages as well as their structural areas such as phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and discourse analysis. Virtually all students who write M.A. projects and PhD theses in linguistics in the Department work on Kenyan and other African languages.


Head: Prof. Lucia Omondi


Members Of Thematic Area

1. Prof. Okoth Okombo

2. Kithaka wa Mberia


3. Dr. Jane Oduor

4. Dr. Lilian Kaviti

5. Dr. Mwaniki Ndungu

6. Dr. Maloba Wekesa

7. Mr. Fred Ochieng Atoh


Research Projects Of Thematic Area

Recently completed PhD projects:

  1. Language Shift: From Rendille to Samburu. (Kenneth K. Ngure)
  2. An Investigation of speaker Intention in monologue Discourses of Lubukusu. (Leonard Maloba Wekesa)

Degree Programmes/Course Units Linked To Thematic Area

CLF 201:          Classification of African Languages                          

CLF 202:          The Structure of African Languages                          

CLF 301:          Introduction to Bantu Language Studies                   

CLF 303:          Introduction to Nilotic Language Studies                  

CLF 305:          Practical Language Issues in Africa                           

CLF 307:          Introduction to Afro-Asiatic Language Studies          

CLF 302:          The Structure of Bantu Language                              

CLF 310:          The Structure of Afro-Asiatic Languages                   

CLF 401:          The Structure of Nilotic Languages                           

CLF 403:          Phonetics and Phonological Characteristics of

                        African Languages                                                     

CLF 405:          A study of a Kenyan Language                                   

CLF 402:          Research Paper on African Languages                      

CLF 406:          Advanced Study of a Kenyan Language                     

CLF 402:          Morphological and Syntactic Characteristics

                        of African Languages                                                 

CLF 408:          Issues of Language Management and

                        Development in Africa           

Possible Career Opportunities