Linguistics Theories
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As a thematic area, linguistic theories include the various scientific theories on human language and their application in the scientific study of the structure of individual languages including Kenyan languages. All the students in the Department  registered for B.A. Linguistics or M.A. Linguistics take course units in which they are taken through theories in phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, semantics, discourse analysis and pragmatics.


Head of Thematic Area

Prof. Okoth Okombo



Members Of Thematic Area


1. Prof. Lucia Omondi

2. Prof. Kithaka wa Mberia

3. Dr. Lilian Kaviti

4. Dr. Jane Oduor

5. Dr. Maloba Wekesa

7. Dr Helga Schroeder

8. Dr. Mohamed Akidah


Research Projects Of Thematic Area


Degree Programmes/Course Units Linked To Thematic Area

CLE 101:          The History & Varieties of English

CLE 102:          English Usage in Kenya                                  

CLE 201:          Modern English Phonetics & Phonology                      

CLE 202:          Modern English Morphology                                     

CLE 301:          Modern English Syntax                                              

CLE 302:          Advanced Phonetics & Phonology of English             

CLE 401:          Advanced English Structure                                       

CLE 402:          Research Paper in English


Possible Career Opportunities