Journal of Language and Linguistics
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  • Dr. Alfred Buregeya
  • Dr. Jane Oduor

This journal was established in November 1999 and projected that it would be published  annually. The Journal was christened "Occassinonal Papers in Language and linguistics" and its first issue was released in the year 2001. Albeit many challenges that beset infant projects, the journal to date boasts of five (5) issues that have been published in the following Academic Years. 

a) 2001 (Issue 1)

b) 2004 (Issue 2)

c) 2007 (Issue 3)

d) 2010 (Issue 4)

e) 2012 (Issue 5)

f) 2013 (Forthcoming...)

The themes for the Journal range within General Linguistics to other related areas of Language Research. This Journal is available and can be purchased from the University Bookstore. For further enquiries, get in touch with the editors of the Journal.